Thursday, April 7, 2022

Changes are coming!


I'm sorry I've been so quiet on social media, and I'm sorry i've kept you waiting for new stories. The day job has made so many new demands, it's left me mentally and physically drained. But, in the next few months, changes are coming. Good changes. Changes that will allow me more time for writing. Yeah!!! Once the changes happen, I'll be able to talk more about them.

I'm working on Phoenix's story. I'm just a third of the way through the story and at 22,000 words. Yes, this is a longer book.

Sometime in June, I will do a cover reveal and some sneak peaks. My writing has been slow, but I'm so excited about the story!

So how does 2022 look so far...

Phoenix will be released this year. (Both Onyx and Diablo's stories are in plotting stages. They will come out in 2023.)

I have on more book in the Starlight Bar series and then it will be finished. Book 5 needs to come out around Christmas because the story is set around Christmas. So as soon as I finish and release Phoenix, I plan to dive into that book.

I've started revisions and new covers for the Bryant Station Curves series. I plan to un-publish the series and then start re-releasing the updated versions. 


How do you feel about preorders?

Love them. 

Hate them.

Tell me your thoughts.