Wednesday, November 4, 2020

LOST WOLF is Live!!!


I'm so excited! Lost Wolf is live at the various booksellers. 

Yes, it did take me longer to write, but I love the way Moose and Jenna's story turned out. 

What would you do if you met your special, significant other and lost that person for decades? This is what happened to Moose and Jenna. 

Now that Lost Wolf is out, what am I doing?      

I'm working at a full-time day job. Not the most exciting thing, but it helps to pay the bills and keep the spoilt kitties in catnip and treats. The way they act when it's time to eat, you would think I was starving them to death. Yes, they're very spoilt. 

I'm also working on ideas and outlines. I'm making myself a tentative release schedule for 2021. I say tentative because the day job sometimes turns into longer hours than expected. (Frowny face) I'm also working on a special project. If all goes well, I hope to have it out sometime around Christmas.

I'm reorganizing my book ideas and outlines (and their research materials) to have everything in one place. I have a terrible habit of jotting down ideas and notes in whatever notebook I have in front of me. It's okay I'm writing down the idea so that I don't forget it, but it's not the best thing, because when I want to look at the idea, I have to search for it.

I've put out a signup list for Christmas cards. See below.I know I'm early, but I need some Christmas joy. I may watch a couple of Christmas movies this weekend.

I know my writing schedule hasn't been the most productive, but I want to thank all of you for staying with me and buy my stories. It really means a lot, and I love hearing from you.