Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th, Among Other Things!

Happy 4th of July!
(At least to those in the USA who celebrate.)
No fireworks this year due to COVID closures, but I'm sure some of the people in the neighborhood will probably set off some fireworks, even thought they're not supposed to do that.

I'm spending my evening working on writing stuff and having a glass or two of my favorite wine. My favorite wine actually comes from a Texas winery--Texas South Wind Vineyard and Winery. They make several different fruit wines, and blackberry is my favorite. 
The HEB (grocery store) I shop at carries the blackberry wine. They sometimes have peach or plum too. I tried the plum, but I didn't like it.  I want to take a road trip to the winery to check it out and maybe taste some of the other wines, especially the fruit wines. Guess I will have to wait until the COVID stops rearing its ugly head.

DH is resting, so I've got the living room to myself. Even though I have an office, I tend to move around the
house when I'm working on writing stuff. 

July is the start of the 3rd Quarter. I actually started the quarter on Monday, June 29, so that I had a full Monday through Sunday Week. I plan from Monday through Sunday. 

Overall, last quarter wasn't very good for me, and probably that way for a lot of people. I've regrouped and am now working to focus on what I need to do to get back on track. I'm also using this quarter as a learning experience to figure out exactly how much I can realistically accomplish in 90 days, especially when working all 90 days is not doable in light of all the other stuff that goes on in my life, including family and the day job, which takes up a lot of time.

One of the biggest things I've been worrying about is Lost Wolf, which is book 4 in the Starlight Bar series. I'm working to get it out this month. With all the things that have gone on, I don't want to rush the publication of it. There have been some changes in the story from the original plot I created. I don't have the cover yet, so that is on the list of things I have to do this month. 

I've actually created a virtual Kanban board to help me focus on my goals. I have access to it on my phone, Macbook, and IPad. I have absolutely no excuse for not looking at it on a daily basis and working on something or several somethings from the list. 

I also bought several Happy Planner notebooks to use for writing and plotting. I got them through an
online sale. I miss out on a lot of things I would love to have because I have to wait for things to go on sale or clearance and I can fit them into my budget. 

I love absolutely love stickers, pens and markers, notebooks. Yes, I'm geeky.  Bookstores, craft stores, and office supply stores are my favorite places to go.