Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Lisa's Bear Has a New Look!


Lisa's Bear, book 1 in the Bryant Station Curves series, has a new cover and revised/added material.

It is currently available at Amazon and KOBO, but will soon be available at Barnes and Noble and iBooks.

This novella is a second edition and contains some new content.

Lisa Mathers dreams of having a family of her own, but the odds of having a husband and children are against her. She attracts the wrong men, and she has a lot of extra padding on her curves.

David Anderson is not happy with his nephew signing him up to chaperone the school dance, but meeting his mate changes everything. Now, he has to convince Lisa they are mates, and tell her he is a bear shifter.

Another female has her eyes on David and will do anything to make him hers, even if she has to kill Lisa.

Will Lisa accept David and his bear as her mate?

Will David be able to keep his mate safe?

The other books in the series will soon have new covers and revised content.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Mondays and Projects

Mondays... The beginning of a new week and a chance to fresh start.

Last week is over and finished. If you’re still working on projects from last week, it’s a chance to take a fresh look at it.

One project I was working on last week, I finished last night. The first draft of the outline for Onyx’s story is complete. I have a rough idea of what the story will be from start to the end. 

The outline needs work. There are several scenes I need to smooth out the rough spots. The overall outline needs more details. I’m thinking of rewriting my notecards (using larger ones than the normal size I used) and adding more detail to each scene and chapter idea.

I’m excited and can’t wait until I write Onyx and Willow’s story! The direction Willow took me in the outline surprised me, but in a good way. 

Before I write Onyx, I want to get at least the rough outline completed for Diablo (the 4th book) and the 5th book. 

I will release these three books in 2023. I don’t have release dates for them. 

And why not?

Onyx will be the first full book I will write as a full-time author. I’m in unchartered territory for me. I finished Phoenix as a full-time author, and wrote the bulk of it during this time, but I started writing Phoenix part time or less while I was still working my crazy full time day job. With Onyx, I’ll get a good idea how long it will take me to write a 70K+ novel.

Another project I’m working on is the revisions and new covers for the Bryant Station Curves Series. I need to do a final reading of Lisa’s Bear, and then I will upload the revised manuscript and a new cover. I will then start work on Chasing Tara once Lisa's Bear is uploaded. 

Mondays are new beginnings.

What are you working on or reading?

How is your week starting out?

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Friday, November 4, 2022

November 2022 Updates

October was a busy month for me. I still can’t believe it’s gone and November is here. 

In October, LUCIFER (Brimstone Heat, Book 1) received updates and a new cover. PHOENIX (Brimstone Heat, Book 2) released toward the end of October. Both books are available on Amazon. In the next week, I will upload them to more online bookstores. 


I’m excited about PHOENIX. It is a longer book than I write. I enjoyed writing about Phoenix and Savanna. 

I’ve updated the 2023 listing on the UPCOMING page. All the titled books are in the plot/outline stage. My goal is to get all four outlines completed, and then I’ll start writing. I’m working on Onyx’s outline. 

The Bryant Station Curves series is getting a make-over. Each book will go through revisions/edits and receive a new cover. LISA’S BEAR will be the first book to go through this process. So don’t be surprised when books disappear from the online stores. The ebooks will be back with the updates.

Soon, I will work on paperbacks for all my books.

I’m enjoying writing full time. It was always a dream to be a full-time author, and I’m getting to do it. Thank you for helping to make that dream happen!

Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is about three weeks away. Not sure what we’re doing this year. I’ve started thinking about Christmas. Last year’s Christmas tree didn’t make it. Last week, I purchased a new tree. It’s in the garage waiting for me to set it up. I also bought a few more ornaments to add to the growing collection. 

November's calendar is filling up. It's going to be a busy month.

The last couple of years, I've sent out Christmas cards. For anyone interested, I will post a sign up form on my blog and other social media sites.