Monday, November 21, 2022

Mondays and Projects

Mondays... The beginning of a new week and a chance to fresh start.

Last week is over and finished. If you’re still working on projects from last week, it’s a chance to take a fresh look at it.

One project I was working on last week, I finished last night. The first draft of the outline for Onyx’s story is complete. I have a rough idea of what the story will be from start to the end. 

The outline needs work. There are several scenes I need to smooth out the rough spots. The overall outline needs more details. I’m thinking of rewriting my notecards (using larger ones than the normal size I used) and adding more detail to each scene and chapter idea.

I’m excited and can’t wait until I write Onyx and Willow’s story! The direction Willow took me in the outline surprised me, but in a good way. 

Before I write Onyx, I want to get at least the rough outline completed for Diablo (the 4th book) and the 5th book. 

I will release these three books in 2023. I don’t have release dates for them. 

And why not?

Onyx will be the first full book I will write as a full-time author. I’m in unchartered territory for me. I finished Phoenix as a full-time author, and wrote the bulk of it during this time, but I started writing Phoenix part time or less while I was still working my crazy full time day job. With Onyx, I’ll get a good idea how long it will take me to write a 70K+ novel.

Another project I’m working on is the revisions and new covers for the Bryant Station Curves Series. I need to do a final reading of Lisa’s Bear, and then I will upload the revised manuscript and a new cover. I will then start work on Chasing Tara once Lisa's Bear is uploaded. 

Mondays are new beginnings.

What are you working on or reading?

How is your week starting out?

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