Friday, October 8, 2021

It's Been Awhile!!!


It's the start of my favorite months and holidays.

But where has the year gone?

Looking back, it's hard to believe 2021 is three-fourths gone. It's been a fast but crazy year. Here in Texas, we started the year wearing masks, and then moved to not having to wear them. Then there was the, should I get the shot, or should I not get it? Which one should I get? And then the Delta variant made an appearance. The day job is trying to suck the life out of me. There are days I swear it is a demon in disguise.

We moved into our new house and have spent the last few months trying to get things repaired or replaced that should have been fixed after we did the final walk-through. The cost of houses and lumber is ridiculous! Driving to work each day, I pass new subdivisions in various stages of development--from basic groundwork to selling finished homes. It's crazy! 

Writing has been a struggle. Write a few pages. Rip the pages into small pieces. Rinse. Repeat. I think the stress of everything was causing more havoc than I thought it was.

A deep breath later...

I have several outlines ready (not as heavily detailed as I was doing). I cleared my kanban board and reset it for the last quarter of the year, and am slowly working through my goals. I'm working toward a new book I hope to release around Christmas (This is not a set date.) I'm also slowly working my way through revision of my backlist.

I haven't put set dates on anything, and I'm not announcing what I'm writing until it's almost done. I don't want to disappoint myself or anyone else.

I am going to send out Christmas cards again this year. Sometime in November, I will post a signup form. I also have a new snail mail address.

Rayne Rachels                                                                                                                                                          PO Box 818                                                                                                                                                     McQueeney, TX 78123    

What is your favorite holiday?