Friday, November 20, 2020

Random Friday Thoughts: A Sneak Peak at Starlight Bar series, Book 5

 Yeah for Friday!!!

I'm finally home from the day job, and I have a mini-vacation starting today. It's the little things that

actually mean the most. My agenda for the week is really simple:

  • grocery shopping
  • clean house,
  • laundry,
  • prepare for a much small Thanksgiving meal,
  • write,
  • plan December.

The first two things are the things that tend to get put off until the weekend. By the time I get home from the day job, I'm tired. I have caught myself sitting down to write, only to wake 30 minutes to and hour or so later.

Thanksgiving is definitely going to be different from last year's celebration. I coming some of the "comfort" foods, but in a much small quantity. 

I will be working on book 5 of the Starlight Bar series. Yeah, this is the story that wasn't planned. I guess I shouldn't keep calling it book 5. I have a title, but no cover yet. I had better add that to the list of things to do. LOL!  the title of book five is...

                                            DARK WOLF

I want to release it before Christmas, but no promises.

So who is the story about?  

Elliot Parker, the tattoo artist and wolfshifter who works at Wolf's Den Ink, has made brief appearances in two of the books. He wants his mate, but what female would want to deal with the monster that lives inside him? Josie Martinez was born human, but a vicious wolf attack that killed her baby sister, left her with a monster that hates pretty much everyone.

After I finish Dark Wolf, I will begin writing Phoenix (Brimstone Heat, book 2). 

Honestly, I had planned to have written more books than I did this year, but between the C, my wreck, DH's heart procedures and learning to do my day job in a whole new way...things were (and still are) just crazy. I look back on the plans I had for 2020, and I want to cry. 

PS: Don't forget about the 2020 Christmas Card list.