Friday, June 23, 2017

Random Thoughts: Texas Heat, Surviving Ivy, and Outlines

Summer is definitely here! Where I'm at in Texas is HOT! The current temperature is 98F, but it feels like 102F. The air conditioner is running. Even with the a/c going, I can hear the birds and cicadas singing. Right now, there are dove in the backyard. I live on the backside of the staff housing on what used to be an military base, so my backdoor open up on to a field.

DH put out several bird feeders and over the weeks there has been a variety of birds visiting. Dove, mockingbirds, blue jays, cardinals (mated pair) are just a few. It's interesting to watch them. I've even seen a roadrunner hanging around the area.

There's other wildlife out here too. The trees are home to squirrels, woodpeckers and owls. Coyotes live in the area. I haven't seen them, but I have heard them late at night. It's kind of eerie to sitting up late and to suddenly hear the lonesome howl. I've seen a couple of deer, and DH tells me there is a fox living under the building where he works. Of course, we have the deadlier critters too. Workers have killed several rattlesnakes and copperheads already this summer, and a couple of the snakes were definitely not small either.

Surviving Ivy is live in ebook form at various vendors. Though it took me longer to write, I really enjoyed Ben and Ivy's story. If you have read it, leave a review and let others know about it. On Facebook, I have promos you can share. If you have a blog and want to post a cover, blurb, interview etc. just send me an email.

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The paperback version will be available soon. The formatting is not finished, and the cover needs to be done.

I haven't started writing another book yet. Instead, I've been working on outlines. There are several books I want to write--for the series I already have out and for new series. I also have several ideas for series that I want to develop. So far I have two outlines ready and am about halfway through a third one. Ideas are flowing right now, so I'm trying to take advantage of it.