Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bryant Station Curves Box Set: Books 4-6

Bryant Station Curves, Box Set: Books 4-6
(March 2017)

This box set contains:

Saving Courtney (Book 4)
Twins, Todd and Harrison Anderson know immediately that Courtney is their mate...the one special woman made for them.
However, the evil stalking Courtney has other plans for her, and if the evil succeeds, all shifters, including Todd and Harrison, will die.
Can Todd and Harrison destroy the evil and keep Courtney alive?

Lauren's Mate (Book 5)
Tragedies have defined who they became.
Despite the tragedies in her past, curvy Lauren Masters has built a life for herself in Bryant Station, but her solitary life as a web designer is lonely. She longs for a man who will love her, curves, brains and all, without trying to change anything about her.
Because of a tragedy in his past, Adam has grown into a dark and dangerous man. He does not believe he even deserves a mate.
Fate brings the two together, but will Adam come to terms with his past and protect his mate from a stalker determined to destroy her?

Claiming Harley (Book 6)
Years ago, Scott Anderson, a Kodiak bear shifter, left Bryant Station and the female destined to be his mate because he was too immature and she was too young. Military, his business, and the things he said to her have kept him away, even though she haunts his dreams.
Curvy, plus-sized Harley Quaid has dealt with more heartache and tragedy in her life than anyone should. She found her mate as a child, but lost him because of age and immaturity. Last year, her family was killed in a tragic accident, leaving Harley alone to deal with the loss of her family and the man who haunts her dreams.
Can the past be forgiven? Or will Fate and a madman keep Scott and Harley apart?

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