Monday, February 27, 2017


If you want to be a writer, 
you must do two things 
above all others:  
read a lot and write a lot. 
There's no way 
around these two things
 that I am aware of, 
no shortcut.
   --Stephen King

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Excerpt: from JOY'S FOREVER

Joy Anderson is different from the other shifters in Bryant Station. She and her cave bear have died and been reborn more times than she can count.  In each life, she has longed for her mate and a family, but lies and her insecurities have kept her running from her mate.

There is only one woman Theo Willis wants and that woman is Joy Anderson. She is his mate, but she has been running from him for centuries and he doesn’t know why.

They need each other, but will that need be enough to bring them together? Will they be able to discover who is behind the lies that has kept them apart?

Excerpt from JOY'S FOREVER

Joy stared at Theo. Hunger and need swept through her. Over the years she had gotten really good at avoiding him because she couldn’t handle the thought of him not wanting her the way she wanted him, but since he had taken up residence in Bryant Station, she hadn’t been so lucky. Every time she turned around, Theo was there. She told herself to just ignore him because he had made a family with someone else, but her body refused to listen. Her heartbeat sped up until she thought it would pound its way out of her chest. Her body warmed and it wasn’t because she was blushing with embarrassment. She wanted him. There was no way around that fact or the fact he was her mate and the only man sent her desire into overtime with just a look.
“How are you doing, Joy?” asked Theo.
Joy bit her bottom lip as his deep voice swept over her leaving a burning desire in its wake. She hated the fact every shifter in the room, including her brother, could smell the desire and need radiating from her. Joy plastered a smile on her face. “I’m fine.” She felt her cheeks grow warm.  “I’ll be right back with a cup of coffee for you, and then I’ll take your orders.” She turned without waiting for either man to say anything and retreated to the counter.
Theo watched Joy walk away. Yup, she was still trying to avoid him, even though she wanted him as much as he wanted her.
“What the hell is going on between you and my sister?” Skylar growled at Theo.
Theo looked at the man sitting across from him. “You, of all people, know you should not growl at me.”

Monday, February 13, 2017


We should all start to live before 
we get too old. 
--Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Running on Caffeine--Busy! Busy!!

This weekend felt really short, but it's probably because I've been so busy. I'm on deadline not only with my own writing projects, but the day job projects have me on deadline this week too. So I've pushed myself to get as much done this weekend on my personal projects as I could. I wish I could have done more, but I'm happy with what I have accomplished.

This week is definitely going to be filled with long days and lots of caffeine.

The weather here is warm. I actually had the air conditioner running. (It's been running for the past several days.)

Cool nights and early mornings,
warming through out the day into hot afternoons,
then back to cool.

Basically, I'm dressing in layers that I can strip off as the day warms. Time to plan clothes and lunches for the week.

Have a wonderful week!!!

Monday, February 6, 2017


If you don't like the road you're walking, 
start paving another one.
  --Dolly Parton

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Random Thoughts: Planners, Schedules, and Things

It's Sunday morning, and I'm already on my second cup of coffee (and I have a feeling there will be several more cups before I'm done.)

As soon as I have this post up, I'm off to work on Surviving Ivy, Bryant Station Curves book 8.

It maybe Super Bowl Sunday, but because of day job, I have  a lot of writing to do today in order to make the weekly writing goal I've set for myself. Ivy has become one of my favorite characters. She has issues, a colorful way of cursing, and a determination to save her mate no matter what happens to her.

I'm also working on the second Bryant Station Curves box set, which will contain books 4 - 6 (Saving Courtney, Lauren's Mate, and Claiming Harley). The plan is to release it this month in both ebook and paperback. It will be out around the 25th. Because of the time frame, I'm not putting it up for preorder.


You either love them or hate them.
It seems like the two biggest planners right now are the Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner.

I bought a large Happy Planner to try, but for what I needed it wasn't quite working. I've started dismantling it and am turning it into an author's notebook. (I bought the Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon.) I like the idea of being able to move items around in it. DH got me a hole punch for it, so I have absolutely no excuse for not using the planner.

I haven't tried the Erin Condren Life Planner. I'm leery about spending so much money on something that might not work for me. I love watching the youtube videos of people decorating their planners.

I've always decorated my calendars with stickers, but the new trend has taken it to a whole new level.

So what am I using for a planner?

Currently, I'm using a weekly/monthly planner by Blue Sky (Dabney Lee). I like being able to see the whole month and marking important dates. The weekly views are were I track a lot of information and plan my weeks. I track my daily writing, my top goals, my sales, and blog plans. And I have let my sticker craze go crazy.

Last night, I started setting up next week.

As you can see, I take a horizontal view and divide it into four sections. The decorative box is were I can add additional or special information. The Count is for sales tracking. The next box is for word count and blog stuff. The large last box is top goals for the day and anything else I need to write down.

I've also discovered
The kits I used came from Paper Focus (February Weekly--Happy Planner size) and templovescrafts (Tea Time Kit--Erin Condren size).

I also decorated the following week with the same to kits. I tend to decorate a couple of weeks at a time because I plan ahead. It's something I have to do because of the day job. I've also learned plans are not set in stone. I have to be flexible. That's why I've started setting up weekly word count goals and breaking them up over the seven days. By the end of the week, the spread is covered with writing and often other small stickers have been added. According to DH, it looks like I have a mess, but I can look back on previous weeks and have a really good picture of what I did that week which helps me when I start planning goals for the next week.

The coffee cup is empty, and I need to start work on Surviving Ivy.

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Look Back...Claiming Harley

Years ago, Scott Anderson, a Kodiak bear shifter, left Bryant Station and the female destined to be his mate because he was too immature and she was too young. Military, his business, and the things he said to her have kept him away, even though she haunts his dreams. 

Curvy, plus-sized Harley Quaid has dealt with more heartache and tragedy in her life than anyone should. She found her mate as a child, but lost him because of age and immaturity. Last year, her family was killed in a tragic accident, leaving Harley alone to deal with the loss of her family and the man who haunts her dreams.

Can the past be forgiven? Or will Fate and a madman keep Scott and Harley apart?

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