Friday, May 29, 2015

What's Currently Happening

Saying May has been a really busy month is probably a huge understatement. DH thought we needed a break, so we went to Rockport to do some fishing. We fished from the pier Friday night, but did not catch any keepers. We made plans to fish on Saturday and Sunday.

But we woke to this on Saturday... 

The winds and waves grew worse as the day wore on. Definitely no fishing!

Since our trip, it seems to have been nonstop rain. Yes, we need the rain, but not so much so fast.

Memorial Weekend was the worst of the rain and flooding. On Sunday, DH couldn't get to work because of flooding. At his job, no one could go in or out. The guard house at the entrance had five feet of water flowing through it.

Friends have lost cars and had their homes flooded. Yet, others have lost so much more. I'm sure you've seen the news reports from Wimberley. My prayers go out to the families.

The forecast is for more rain.