Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Goals

Don't you hate it, when you know you have something, but you can't find it? I was going through that yesterday. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it. Then a couple hours later, I looked in one of the places I had already looked, and there it was!

I can look back now and laugh, but yesterday, I was not in a laughing mood. I was going to find it, because I just had to have that steno pad so I could start writing.

Yes, I said "steno pad."

Nothing else would work. I had to have it because I really, really needed it!

And what was I writing?

My goals for October.

I know. It sounds kind of silly. I spent all that time looking for a steno pad, but I found it, and I wrote down my October goals.

I'm working on four different outlines right now. Yes, four different outlines being written on at the same time. My goal is to have two of them complete by the end of next week, and start writing those stories.

One of the outlines is for the first book in the Briary Creek Wolves which is a spin-off of the Bryant Station Curves series.The Briary Creek Wolf pack is made up of the extended Wolfe family and a couple more families.

I am also working on the outlines for Bryant Station Curves, book 5 and 6.

I have to stop stressing about my day job. It is effecting my writing, my family life, and my health which is not good. Then there's the fact I'm bringing home stuff to work on because I don't have enough time during the day. I was given extra projects to work on. I guess the powers that be figured if I have time to write, then I have time to do more projects for the day job. It's just not a good situation, but I'm working on some solutions.

I need to take time for DH and me to go do fun things. I'm taking a couple of days from work (they weren't too happy) and we are going to the coast to do some fishing. I'm excited.

DH and I are trying to manage our time and resources so that we can do something each month or two. We need the time together, and we know our time may be limited. With his heart, anything can happen at any time. It's a scary thought.

When the child was little, I decorated for the holidays. But then he grew up and somehow I stopped decorating. I want to start doing it again. It was a lot of fun, and I actually miss doing it.