Sunday, October 5, 2014

Change Is In The Air

The weather is slowly changing here in Texas. We have finally had some cold fronts come through. We didn't get the cold or even the snow the northern states got, but we finally got some rain and a few days of cooler temperatures.  The temperatures are starting to come down out of the upper 90s.

I am so ready for colder weather. Winter is my favorite time of year--the cold, the boots, sweaters, and the best part...

We are moving into the holidays--Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas.

As soon as school started, the stores moved out the school supply stuff and moved in the Halloween candy  and costumes. Some of the stores have even started displaying Christmas stuff. It's crazy how fast and early the stores set up for the commercial aspect of the holidays.

Magic is in the air.
I love the magic of the season and yes, there is magic in the air.

So step back.
Turn your face up to the cooling sun.
Take a deep breath
Feel the changes in the air.