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Carrie Wilson used to want a husband and family, but after months of running from a controlling ex-fiance, she’s not sure she wants another man in her life. But fate steps in and literally shoves her into a stranger’s lap. The man’s passionate kiss awakens her desires, and then, a pregnant woman yells at him. Carrie realizes the man who has brought her desires to life is already in a relationship. So, she does the only thing she can do. Carrie runs away.

Mason Hayes has problems. His monstrous wolf is becoming difficult to control and is leading him down a path that will cause their destruction if not stopped. The unmated pack females have turned their attention to him as the next eligible mate, but Mason doesn’t want just any female. He wants his mate, and fate drops her into his lap. Her scent and one passionate kiss is all it takes. The curvy human female belongs to him, but before he can learn her name, she runs away.

Will the big, bad wolf find his mate and convince her they are meant to be together, or will he lose her forever?

Taking a mate away from a big, bad wolf is dangerous to your health.