Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th, Among Other Things!

Happy 4th of July!
(At least to those in the USA who celebrate.)
No fireworks this year due to COVID closures, but I'm sure some of the people in the neighborhood will probably set off some fireworks, even thought they're not supposed to do that.

I'm spending my evening working on writing stuff and having a glass or two of my favorite wine. My favorite wine actually comes from a Texas winery--Texas South Wind Vineyard and Winery. They make several different fruit wines, and blackberry is my favorite. 
The HEB (grocery store) I shop at carries the blackberry wine. They sometimes have peach or plum too. I tried the plum, but I didn't like it.  I want to take a road trip to the winery to check it out and maybe taste some of the other wines, especially the fruit wines. Guess I will have to wait until the COVID stops rearing its ugly head.

DH is resting, so I've got the living room to myself. Even though I have an office, I tend to move around the
house when I'm working on writing stuff. 

July is the start of the 3rd Quarter. I actually started the quarter on Monday, June 29, so that I had a full Monday through Sunday Week. I plan from Monday through Sunday. 

Overall, last quarter wasn't very good for me, and probably that way for a lot of people. I've regrouped and am now working to focus on what I need to do to get back on track. I'm also using this quarter as a learning experience to figure out exactly how much I can realistically accomplish in 90 days, especially when working all 90 days is not doable in light of all the other stuff that goes on in my life, including family and the day job, which takes up a lot of time.

One of the biggest things I've been worrying about is Lost Wolf, which is book 4 in the Starlight Bar series. I'm working to get it out this month. With all the things that have gone on, I don't want to rush the publication of it. There have been some changes in the story from the original plot I created. I don't have the cover yet, so that is on the list of things I have to do this month. 

I've actually created a virtual Kanban board to help me focus on my goals. I have access to it on my phone, Macbook, and IPad. I have absolutely no excuse for not looking at it on a daily basis and working on something or several somethings from the list. 

I also bought several Happy Planner notebooks to use for writing and plotting. I got them through an
online sale. I miss out on a lot of things I would love to have because I have to wait for things to go on sale or clearance and I can fit them into my budget. 

I love absolutely love stickers, pens and markers, notebooks. Yes, I'm geeky.  Bookstores, craft stores, and office supply stores are my favorite places to go. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Broken Wolf: Starlight Bar series

Buy at:


Can love save two broken shifters?

Cooper Hayes has a few regrets, but the biggest regret is not finding his mate and starting his own family. But now, he and his wolf are spiraling out of control, and their days are numbered. It’s too late for a mate and family. 

But Fate has different ideas and drops a curvy bear shifter into his life.

Dru Piers is just trying to survive, but it’s not easy. Lingering doubts and a bear that loves a good fight make things difficult on a good day. And now she has found her mate.

What’s a girl supposed to do, especially when a rogue pack of wolves attacks her mate? 

That’s simple. Dru angers her mate when she comes to his rescue.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Wishing You...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

I hope 2020 is a great year for you!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

New Release: Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf, the 2nd book in the Starlight Bar series, is now available at:
Barnes and Noble 

Mason’s mate falls into his lap and then disappears. Will he find her?

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cooler Weather, Holidays, Bad Wolf, Stories and Other Ramblings

November is here and the weather is starting to get cooler. A cold front came through, and yesterday's highs were in the 40s. Today, the highs should get up into the 60s. Basically, we're on the weather roller coaster. It's cold for a day or two, and then the temperature rises up until the next cold front. Within days, I go from wearing sweaters and jeans to wearing t-shirts and shorts. Gotta love Texas weather. It's warmed up enough, that we opened the windows throughout the duplex. It's nice being able to air out the place, and the cats are having fun sitting in the windows, especially in the sunshine.

I never did find a fall wreath that I like or that didn't coast a ridiculous amount (in other words, way over my budget). Now, all the Christmas stuff is out in the stores. Thanksgiving isn't even here yet (in the USA).

I'm taking a few days off at Thanksgiving. I'll spend sometime with family. I'm cooking a simple Thanksgiving meal this year. Instead of a turkey, I'm making a chicken breast and gravy dish in the crock pot. It's simple but tasty. I've actually made a smaller version several times and it doesn't last. I'm also going to make a cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, a green bean casserole, and rolls. Not sure about the desserts yet.

Bad Wolf can be pre-ordered from Amazon, KOBO,  Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. It will go live on December 13, 2019.

Alpha Wolf is now for sale at Amazon, KOBO, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books.

I'm working on book 3 which is Cooper's story. It will be released sometime in January 2020. I'm also plotting/outlining Moose's story (book 4). As of now, it is the last book I have planned for this series.

After I finish Moose's story, I'm going to take about a month to outline the rest of the stories for Brimstone Heat. Phoenix, Onyx, and Diablo will finally get their stories told.  I'm also going to complete the outline for the Undead series, and make a decision if there will be other books in that series or not.

I've procrastinated writing these stories. The biggest reason was there was no inspiration. I worked on outlines, only to find them flat when I read through them. I've printed out Lucifer and Reluctantly Undead and had them spiral bound. These are going to be part of my holiday reading. As I read, I'm going to make revisions and notes for the next books in the series. Both series have been left hanging for too long. I will remedy this problem in 2020, and hopefully I'll have a couple of new stories to throw in the mix too.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fall, Starlight Wolves, and Other Ramblings

We're almost a week into autumn (fall), at least according to the calendar. Here in Texas the trees are still green and we have day temperatures in the 90s. The good's finally raining. The rainy skies are making me think of fall. So ready for the cooler weather.

I've said it before, but fall and winter are my favorite times of the year...October through mid-February here in Texas.

And next week is October!
For the last few weeks, I've already been burning fall scented candles. I managed to catch them on sale and had the extra money to buy a few. It was a splurge, and probably something I shouldn't have done, but I did.

I want to get a fall wreath for the door, but I have found one that I like enough to buy. Maybe next weekend, I can go to one of the dollar stores and get creative. I've got Halloween lanterns to put out, but I need something else to go on porch table with them. Goal: $20 or less for the wreath and table decor. I'll keep you updated and post pictures on instagram.

Alpha Wolf is out of KU. I printed and spiral bound a copy of the draft. I'm going to read through it again for a couple of reasons.
First, I want to take some notes about the characters because I have a fourth book to outline for the series.
Second, I caught a couple of typos I want to fix before I release the book wide with Nook, KOBO, and Apple Books.
Third, I want to make sure this story flows into the second story. I wrote the outlines for books 1-3 back-to-back, but things sometimes deviate from the outlines.
And fourth, I've finished a draft of Bad Wolf (Mason and Carrie's story, book 2). Edits will start soon.  I'm not planning to release it in KU, but to go wide. I'm also looking into doing preorders.

Either today or tomorrow, I'm going to start writing the third book (Cooper's story), and sometime next week I'll start working on the outline for book 4 (Moose's story). Yes, he will find his mate, but keeping her safe will be a problem.

I'm planning to release the stories throughout the holidays and the new year. I will post release dates soon.