Book 1

After being gone for years, Kelly Hayes returns home to her family and the pack, but she plans to stay as far away from the new alpha as possible, just in case he has issues with humans.

Draven Grayson is tired of dealing with the power-hungry she-wolves and the determination of some of the pack members to keep the old alpha’s cruel ways. He wants his mate, but she has to be strong enough to deal with the pack’s problems.

The attraction between Kelly and Draven is instant and strong. 

Can Draven protect Kelly from his issues and from the pack members who want to harm her, or will he lose her forever?

Don't ever come between a wolf and his mate.

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Book 2

Carrie Wilson used to want a husband and family, but after months of running from a controlling ex-fiance, she’s not sure she wants another man in her life. But fate steps in and literally shoves her into a stranger’s lap. The man’s passionate kiss awakens her desires, and then, a pregnant woman yells at him. Carrie realizes the man who has brought her desires to life is already in a relationship. So, she does the only thing she can do. Carrie runs away.

Mason Hayes has problems. His monstrous wolf is becoming difficult to control and is leading him down a path that will cause their destruction if not stopped. The unmated pack females have turned their attention to him as the next eligible mate, but Mason doesn’t want just any female. He wants his mate, and fate drops her into his lap. Her scent and one passionate kiss is all it takes. The curvy human female belongs to him, but before he can learn her name, she runs away.

Will the big, bad wolf find his mate and convince her they are meant to be together, or will he lose her forever?

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Book 3

Can love save two broken shifters?

Cooper Hayes has a few regrets, but the biggest regret is not finding his mate and starting his own family. But now, he and his wolf are spiraling out of control, and their days are numbered. It’s too late for a mate and family. 
But Fate has different ideas and drops a curvy bear shifter into his life.
Dru Piers is just trying to survive, but it’s not easy. Lingering doubts and a bear that loves a good fight make things difficult on a good day. And now she has found her mate.
What’s a girl supposed to do, especially when a rogue pack of wolves attacks her mate? That’s simple. Dru angers her mate when she comes to his rescue.

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 Book 4

As each one of his friends finds their mates, Jarrett “Moose” Bennett’s need to find his mate grows stronger. His friends tell him he will find her, but Jarrett has a secret. As a child he found and lost his mate. If only he and his wolf can find his little red fox…


As a child Jenna found her mate, but hatred and murder stole her family and tore her wolf away from her. She longs for her mate and a family, but only her lost wolf can fill the hole in her heart and soul.


Fate brings Jarrett and Jenna back together, but a stalker determined to have Jenna, threatens their happiness and their lives. Will Jarrett and Jenna finally have their happy ever after?

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Taking a mate away from a big, bad wolf is dangerous to your health.