Thursday, April 20, 2023

PHOENIX is Out Now!


Curvy Savanna Chambers is living her dreams. She owns and runs a bakery selling many sweet treats, including her signature cakes. She is raising her daughter and has a friend who also is her employee.

The only thing missing in her life is the love of a wonderful male, but she doesn’t think it’s something she needs until she meets Phoenix Fitch.

Phoenix has spent years looking for his mate, but since his brother, Lucifer, found his mate, Phoenix is feeling the loneliness more than ever, until a false fire alarm brings his mate to him. Sparks fly between them until she runs away and hides in her bakery.

As Phoenix works to convince Savanna they are fated mates, he must protect her from the forces determine to keep them apart by any means possible, including death.

Will Savanna fall in love with Phoenix?

Will Phoenix protect Savanna and her daughter?