Sunday, December 20, 2020

Almost Christmas and Writing Update

 Christmas is Friday. Are you ready???

If someone asked me that question, I would have to say no. The Christmas tree is up and decorated, but we didn't put any lights outside like we did last year. I've mailed out the Christmas cards. I've bought most of the gifts. This year, we drastically cut what we spent, but I still need to wrap them. 

I am watching some Christmas movies. Well, listening to them. 

Last night, Hubby and I got a treat for ourselves. We spent the evening listening to Kevin Fowler at the Freiheit Country Store. Only so many tickets were sold online because they have to limit the number of people at the concert. We wore masks and careful to keep distance between us and others. It helps that most of the are is outside. It was nice to get out and have a little fun.

The real funny part is that I can home with my phone filled with notes for a new four book series. I have the base ideas for all four books. The muse was definitely working overtime. I'm just not sure when I will be able to write these stories. I've already planned what I want to write for 2021. For now, I have soft timelines for each book. I want to release at least four books this year. 

I did finish the outline for Phoenix. I'm still working on outlines for Onyx and Diablo. I'm also rewriting the outline for Dark Wolf. I wrote the first two chapters and didn't like them. Part of the problem, was that I didn't create my normal, detailed outline. 

I need to get back to the outlines. 

Have a cup of hot chocolate, or your favorite drink, and have a good evening. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Happy December 2020!

 We finally made it to December! 

This week our weather has turned a little colder, at least for a day or two. This morning was the coldest. I think the rest of the week will be a mixture of 50s to 60s until we're back up in the 70s (Fahrenheit). 

I managed to get a wreath on the door, and the Christmas tree up over the Thanksgiving holiday. Every year, we hang peppermint candy canes on the tree. Do you know how hard it is for me to stay out of the candy canes? I love peppermint! I will post pictures on Instagram and Facebook later this week.

I'm working on Dark Wolf. With the day job and the quick deadline to upload to the vendors, It won't be ready. As soon as it is 

I still have a few Christmas cards left. 

If you would like one, I will be accepting requests through the form until Tuesday, December 8.

Christmas Cards