Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Moving Sucks! But There is a Bright Side!!

Sorting through stuff. Trying to figure out what I should keep and what I should throw away (probably should have thrown it away months or years ago). And then there's the packing and living in a maze of boxes.

Moving sucks!

We finally moving out of the old staff housing. We're moving because the new company, who won the contract to run the center, came in and cut almost everyone's pay. In some cases, the pay cut was 30% or more. DH found another job .So now, we are moving.

As much as I hate the moving process, I'm glad we're leaving this place. It's never felt like home. The vibes have been off sense we moved here. Even my two fur babies have acted different. I didn't realize until a few days ago just how much of an effect this place had on me, or more specifically, my writing. Since moving here, I've written less. I'm not happy with this, or the fact, I haven't reach the goals I set for myself.

But there is a bright side to moving!

I'm looking to this move as a new beginning. I will be in a new home. I will be able to set up a new office space and new goals for my writing, blogging, and other social media. I want to start a newsletter. I want to get all the stories in my head onto paper and published for you to read.

I don't have release dates for any, though I have started writing book 2 in the Starlight Bar series.

The boxes aren't going to pack themselves, though I wish they would. LOL!

Have a great day!