Friday, March 16, 2018

Random Thoughts: Paperbacks, Author Bookplates, and Planners

The past 24 hours have been busy. I've completed and uploaded the  interiors and covers for four books--Mated Hearts, Protected Hearts, Surviving Ivy, and Lucifer.

One has already been approved for distribution. That means, in a few days it will be available for purchase on Amazon. By the end of this year all of my books will be available in paperback, as well as the new books I write.

I'm thinking about designing an author bookplate (these are signed labels that can be put on the front pages of a book). As more of the books come out and I get the bookplate designed, I will post more information. Let me know if you're interested.

I'm making some changes to my planner. I expected this to happen as I use it more and create or download the inserts I need.

The other day at Hobby Lobby, I bought a Webster composition planner. It was the only teal colored one and it was in their clearance for $10.  It had a lined composition book inside it. I believe there are a couple of blank calendar composition books you can by to put into it also, but I haven't really looked at any of those.

The planner itself is actually a fairly new product, so it surprised me to see it there. I grabbed it because I use a lot of composition books and have been for some type of cover/planner to put them in. I'm thinking about using some small discs and putting one or two months of my HP planner into it. I think it will work. If it does, I will post pictures on Instagram.