Thursday, February 8, 2018

Random Thoughts: Cold Hands, Writing, and Winter Olympics

I'm cold!

This is the first winter in a long time that I've been this cold. And the sad part? Texas, for the most part, is warmer than most of the country.

Last year, was our first winter in staff housing where DH works, and it was a mild winter. So we didn't notice how much cold was actually radiating from the brick walls and single pane windows. We are noticing it this year. Of course, this year we actually had snow.

It doesn't help that my hands are icy cold the majority of the day (even at the day job). My hands get so cold, they hurt and the pain seems to radiate through the rest of my body. The doctor says its a combination of hormones and getting my sugar levels in a normal range in just three months. So I walk around with my hands tucked under my arms.

The other day a coworker asked me what was wrong. She thought I was upset about something. I told her I wasn't upset that I just had a couple of ice cubes for hands.

One day at a time because spring is around the corner.

I hope you're enjoying MATED HEARTS (Durant Brothers, book 1) and PROTECTED HEARTS (Durant Brothers, book 2).

I've enjoyed writing these stories, and I've started writing Hank and Paula's story.

Hank has a darkness in him due to what happened to his family and what he has done to protect his brothers. He's tried to hide it from Forrest and Wes, but they know it's there. How will this darkness effect Hank's decisions when it comes to his mate?

I'm watching some of the Winter Olympics. The figure skating team competition is on, as is the qualifying round for the men's and women's moguls. The Winter Olympics are my favorite. Can't wait to see the opening ceremonies tomorrow.