Saturday, January 13, 2018

Random Thoughts: Shopping Trip, Planners and Writing

I went to Hobby Lobby today. Let's face it. That store is very good on my wallet. LOL! I find too many things that I want or rather must have. I had one specific thing I was looking for (because I couldn't find it at the Walmart here in San Marcos). I wanted a set of calligraphy markers. I didn't find the exact ones I was looking for, but I found a set that I think will work. And of course, I gravitated to the sticker and planner sections. But first, I took a detour by the clearance wall.

I found a Happy Planner Classic Trendsetter and a Happy Planner Glam Girl mini on clearance. When I first saw the Trendsetters, I debated about getting one, but at the time didn't. I grabbed it today. The mini planner is a first for me. I've looked at them but wasn't sure if I would use it. I figured I might as well try it because it will easily fit in my purse.

I've already pulled out the first month of the Trendsetter and put it into my Classic size Frankened planner.  I'm thinking of putting my daily To Do list in it and then pulling the top three as my goals in my other section. With the pages I've added, the planner is becoming a good blend of bullet journal, planner, and notebook.

I went through some of the computer files I have on the laptop that I was using before I got my MacPro. The laptop still works, but the battery will not charge so basically it acts as a desktop. While going through the files, I found a Christmas story that I had started sometime ago but hadn't finished. I printed out the file and read through it. I'm debating if I should finish it or not. It is a second chance love story, but it is not a paranormal. Would you be interested in reading a non-paranormal romance? If I finish the story, it wouldn't be released until sometime in November/December 2018.

Protected Hearts is now in revisions/edits. I hope to have it back and ready to publish before my birthday at the end of the month.

This winter has been crazy. We're experiencing another cold front. The temperature is currently 29F. Here in Texas, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with the temperatures.

Stay safe and warm.