Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What I'm Currently Doing

I've seen variations to this type of post on a lot of different social media sites. I'm thinking this might be something that I might start doing once a month. Let me know what you think.

So what am I Currently doing?

I am listening to a train. The railroad tracks are only a couple of blocks (three at most) away from where I live. I'm also listening to eggs boiling.

I am eating...  actually I just finished eating a piece of dried sausage.

I am drinking water. That's the one thing I drink the most of each day. Luckily I drink enough that I don't have to track it.

I am wearing light gray sweatpants and a dark gray sweatshirt with thick pink and white with snowflake designs on them. I love thick socks especially since I go without shoes in the house even during the winter months.

I am feeling  content and rested. Our Christmas was quiet. We actually had the day to ourselves. DH and I went to see the Star Wars movie yesterday. We celebrated Christmas with the children and grandchild a week earlier, and just had my brother and his kids over on Christmas Eve.

The weather is gray, gloomy, and damp. Currently it's 45F but feels like 40F with NNE winds of 14 mph. It's been this way all day, and there's rain in the forecast.

I am wanting to clear some of the ideas out of my head so I can focus more on the three projects I need to work on for the first quarter of the new year...five projects if you count the two outlines that I need to complete by the end of January for the second quarter.

I need to re-organize my writer's notebook, print a manuscript that I need to rewrite, finish setting up my 2018 planners (one for writing and one for personal), and recreate the bullet journal spreads on the computer so I can print them and put them into the appropriate planner. I love doing the bullet journal, but it dawned on me that I need to separate the writing from the personal, and with the very ambitious writing schedule I've laid out for myself, I decided to use the classic Happy Planners for the monthly and weekly layouts and turn the bullet journal spreads I still plan to use into printable charts. I will post pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

I am thinking about deviling half of the eggs I just boiled and about what I need to plan for meals and snacks so that I can go back on a high protein diet with veggies and fruit added in to it. Though I've been watching what I eat, I need to go back to a high protein diet with veggies and fruit. Of all the "diets" this works the best for me and I can actually lose weight when I'm eating this way. And I really need to lose some more weight,

I am enjoying the extra time off from the day job. I'm writing  and spending time with DH.