Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cemeteries...Not So Haunting or Spooky...Well, Maybe

Growing up I watched a lot of horror movies with my mom. We watched the old black and white monster movies, the 70s Dracula movies and everything in between. In many of these movies, cemeteries were places not only for the dead but for ghosts, vampires, zombies and other such spooky horrors.

Even after watching these movie, cemeteries, for the most part, did not scare me.

As a teenager i would often go the cemetery to visit my dad who had died when I was a small child. The cemetery on the hilltop was peaceful. Sometimes I would wander through the cemetery. Sometimes it was just to see the old tombstones, pay visits to other family members I never got to meet, or stop by the small cherub statue marking the spot of the unknown child workers found decades earlier buried in the cemetery.

Many years later, DH and I were hired to mow and do the the weeding at an old cemetery tucked away on one of the many gravel county roads in the rural area where we lived. Though it was still in use, the cemetery dated back to before the Civil War. Most of the oldest tombstones were simple, handmade markers. I wasn't afraid to be out there, other than the time a snake sat up and looked at me while I was mowing. Now that freaked me out because in my mind, only cobras sat up the way this one did. I don't know what kind of snake it was, but DH told me it was probably just a bull snake. I didn't care. It was a snake and I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

There was one cemetery in the county I grew up that I didn't like going to even in the daylight. Every time I went there, I got the unmistakable feeling someone or something was watching me. I made sure not to go there even though a few relatives were buried there.

Are cemeteries haunted and spooky like the movies have made them out to be?
Is it just your imagination when you go into one and get a creepy feeling?
Just something to think about as Halloween draws near.