Sunday, September 10, 2017

School Supplies, Stickers, and Fall

It's that time of year when school supplies are everywhere, and the worst part is the stores are putting them on sale. I know. How can a sale be bad? Well, it's bad because I have a slight school supply addiction, especially when it comes to pens and notebooks. Okay, maybe it's a big school supply addiction.

So far this year, I've managed to stay away from the school supply sales. Honestly, I don't need anymore notebooks than the one I've already bought. I have plenty of notebook paper. But pens? That may be a problem. I love the Pilot pens. They are my 'go to' pen.

There's nothing like having a pack of new pens and the crisp, white paper in a new notebook begging for a story to be written on it.

I've been good about buying school supplies but craft stores are creating whole knew problem especially Michael's. I love stickers and planner stuff, and now they have out all of the Halloween stuff. I love it! I want it...all of it! I was there earlier this week. I just couldn't help myself. I bought some Halloween stickers and washi tape for my planner/bullet journal. It was a difficult choice between the different Halloween themed washi tapes. October in my bullet journal is going to be filled with Halloween stuff.

Yes, I put stickers in my bullet journal. September was my month to experiment with weekly sticker sets. Next month, I'm going to come up with a different weekly spread. Not sure what yet, but I've been looking around Pinterest and Youtube for inspiration.

With visions of Halloween and all things pumpkin, the feeling of fall is in the air and some of my September weekly spreads. The first 'cold' front made it's way here a couple of days ago. We've had cool mornings and nice days in the 80s. Next week, it's supposed to get back into the 90s. The taste of fall was a huge tease. I'm so ready for cold weather to get here.