Sunday, September 24, 2017

Running on Caffeine: Saturday Night Scare and Other News

So far this morning, it's quiet. Earlier this month dove season opened and in the early morning hours, the pop of rifles could be heard from the fields behind us, especially on the weekend. Today is quiet.

It's been a crazy week! And last night I had a big scare...a snake in the kitchen, and not just any kind of snake. It was coral snake. For those of you who don't know about coral snakes, they are the second most poisonous snake. (Red and yellow...kill a fellow; red and black...friend of Jack.) The black mamba is number one.

This one was small, but not what I want to find in the house, especially when I'm turning off lights to get ready for bed. The lights were off in the kitchen, but the light from the living room was on so the kitchen wasn't in complete darkness. I was taking a cup to the kitchen when I saw the cats staring at something in the floor. At first I thought one of them had gotten hold of a colorful bracelet, until the "bracelet" moved and I realized what I was looking at. So glad I didn't walk in there and pick up the "bracelet" like was my first thought. My yelling there's a snake in the house brought Hubby running and he killed it. My HERO!

We think it came in through a very small gap between the door jam and the back door. It was a small young coral snake so it could have fit. Today, Hubby is going to fix the gap and check the other two doors. We're hoping that was the point of entry and there's no gap between the walls and floor that we can't see. We are living in old air force staff housing that was built in the 40-50s at Hubby's work.

Last week while mowing, Hubby killed a small coral snake outside. Now we've had the second one show up. I'm worried there may be more. Needless to say, I'm turning on lights before I walk into a room at night.

Luckily neither cat was bitten. But they were jumpy for a while until they finally settled down.

In other news...

Mated Hearts, the first of the three Durant Brothers stories, released last Tuesday. This is Forrest's story. I'm excited about it!

I'm revising the outline for the next Durant Brothers story which will be about Wes. I haven't set a release date. If my writing schedule holds out, I hope to release it sometime in late November.

As always, I'm continuously working on outlines for other stories in the different series, and have notes for new series too.

Have a great day. I'm off to venture into the kitchen for more coffee. Wish me luck!