Saturday, September 30, 2017

Random Thoughts: Updates, Writing and Mated Hearts

A weak cold front brought us a lot of rain for a few days. Today is actually the first day it hasn't rained and the sun is shining. I love rainy weather and even more so when it's cold, but the temperatures only went down a little. As much as I like rainy weather, I hate driving in it, which I had to do to get to the day job.

So far we've had no more snakes in the house. Hubby fixed all the doors, getting rid of any possible places one could slither in through. Unfortunately though, one of the kitchen lights has been on every night since last Saturday. I'm leery about walking around the place in the dark.

The fur babies are a little jumpy, but that's probably my fault. They saw the snake as a plaything. i was worried they would get bitten before Hubby killed it. Both kitties are indoor babies. On a lighter note, Smokie did save me from a rather vicious looking leaf yesterday morning. LOL!

Mated Hearts has been out for a couple of weeks. It's the first of three books about the Durant Brothers finding their mates. I'm re-working the outline for the next book which is about Wes and his
mate. I wrote the outline a couple of months ago, but when I read over it last week, I saw some things I needed to fix and/or change. I'm trying a new outlining method.

Actually, it's not a new method, it's just one I haven't used before, though a lot of writers use it. Last night I laid out all my major plot points on index cards and almost immediately saw where I had a couple of issues. The goal for today is to finish re-working the outline so I can start writing tomorrow. I'm also going to set a release date and a cover reveal date. I will post info about the story under the "Current Projects" tab some time this week.

Besides writing book two in October, I plan to revise the outline for book 3 (Hank's story) and the outline for Phoenix (Brimstone Heat, Book 2). My list of stories for 2018 is growing.

With fall weather creeping in, I feel like I'm being re-energized. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year.