Friday, July 14, 2017

Random Thoughts: Updates

Today I thought I would give you some updates on some of the things that have been going on in my life. So here they are...


I'm still taking some swimming lessons, though they will be coming to an end when I run out of sessions. I did take about a month off from swimming and my aquatics class so that the sockets from the wisdom teeth extraction could heal. I didn't have any stitches. I was probably a little too paranoid about anything getting into the sockets.

I'm still having trouble floating face down. I've made some small steps, but it is something I need to work on. I am definitely more comfortable in the water than I used to be. Using a kickboard and short fins, I do laps in the pool and really enjoy it. When I first started, I wasn't able to even do that.

Even after my lessons end, I will still be in the aquatics class and doing the laps.

The Office

Several months ago, I told you that we had to cover the ceiling with plastic because the powers that be decided the roof of the unit we're renting had to be replace. As a result, a lot of things had to be moved, and things were piled onto of stuff. I couldn't even see the top of my desk.

The plastic came down and some things were moved, but I could only see a small portion of my desk.  Sorting stuff was moved down on the priority list.

I can now use my office like I should. It is not perfect. I have sorted and tossed some stuff, but I have more that I need to go through as you can see from the piles. The room is smaller than what I had in the house we sold, but I'm making it work.

Yes, I have a Barbie collection. What you see is not all of them. There are more behind the ones you can see.

Stuffed animals are scattered around the shelves.

You can see the piles I still need to work on and reduce even more. I haven't put anything up on the walls. The main wall is the one you see below. The wall to the left has a closet and behind me is a wall of windows. The closet is full of boxes and more boxes are piled under the windows by the closet.

DH bought the desk unit for me a couple of years ago. He found one of the market listings he looks at. It is used, but the desk is large enough to spread notes out and have the laptop going too.

The desk chair likes to go down on its own. Any ideas how to fix it so that it will stay up? It's annoying to be typing and suddenly start sinking until the chair can't go down any more.

New Story and Writing Stuff

Forrest's story is coming along. I've set myself up a due date for the complete draft and I'm working to get it finished by that date.

The past year and a half life has thrown a lot at me that I was expecting or ready for. Selling the house and moving were life changing, but DH's new heart issues was the biggest curve ball and later this year the cardiologist may have place more stents.

I'm not ready to set any dates for publication other than general time frames. I have to see if I can keep the writing pace along with the day job.

I'm working on outlines too. The outline for Phoenix is almost finished.

I'm staying busy. My "To Do" lists are long and stuff does get carried over to the next day. Some of the things on the list are actually my goals for the month. Keeping them in front of me is the best way I could think of to get them done.