Friday, June 30, 2017

Random Thoughts: Second Half of the Year and Other Stuff

It's actually a pretty morning here in Texas. There's a breeze and the birds are singing, and yes, I hear both of these over the hum of the air conditioner. Turn off the air conditioner and the heat would take over. Summers in Texas, gotta love them. LOL!

DH is outside getting one of his BBQ pits ready. Yes, you read that right. After years of competing in BBQ competitions, he has several pits. I'm lucky. He likes to cook. Today, he's making beef jerky. Last night he prepared the meat and got it to marinating (two new recipes), and today, he's going to smoke the meat. It's a real tough job being his guinea pig.

This is just a start for the Fourth of July...aka...Independence Day in the US. He's planning to BBQ pork ribs and probably a brisket too. I've already been asked to make my "rich" banana pudding, a request not only from family but from some of the friends coming over. I have two different banana puddings that I make. One is just the regular pudding, bananas and vanilla wafers. The other one is a much richer version because of several additions I make to it.

Tomorrow is July 1st.
The year is half over. It's something how fast time flies.

Surviving Ivy came out on June 14.  I really enjoyed writing Ivy's story, but now I need to look at the rest of the year and decide what I want to do.

For the last two weeks, I've worked on outlines. I have finished the outlines for a three-book series. Now, I'm working on the outline for Phoenix, book 2 in the Brimstone Heat series. I'm looking through partial outlines and notes for other books, and in some cases. I'm also trying to better organize myself. My office is a complete disaster. I still have boxes that I can't unpack because I don't have any place to put the stuff. I have less bookshelves than I used to have.

What will be the next story I write? I'm not sure. Which story do you want to read next?

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe holiday!