Saturday, May 20, 2017

Random Thoughts: A Crazy Month and More

Blog Anniversary

It's hard to believe but today is the 4th anniversary of this blog. Four years ago today, I started this blog and in July of that year my first book came out.
Four years.
13 books.
2 box sets.
And plans for many more years and books.

Crazy May
As some of you know, a week ago from yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed. (I've been dealing with a tooth ache for weeks thinking it was just severe sinus problems.) So the past week, I've been recovering from that surgery. This has not been a fun experience. I'm still having some pain issues with the lower jaw, but the first three days were tough and eating was not a fun experience. I've started adding a few more items to the menu. Chewing is an experience. Because I have open sockets (the oral surgeon didn't put in any stitches) I have to be careful about what I eat. Salt water rinses after eating are a standard.

Before I went in for my wisdom teeth extraction, DH had to go see his cardiologist for tests. The results were definitely bad, and he ended up back in the cath lab. Thursday was a long, rough day. DH ended up with two more stints in his heart, but this was better than what we were told to expect. He is sore but home and feeling better. Unfortunately, the cardiologist said DH would be back in the cath lab in about six months.

My mind has been everywhere except on writing for any length of time. I've managed short periods, but nothing like I normally do.

Surviving Ivy Updates
With all the craziness--my wisdom teeth problems and DH's heart issues, Surviving Ivy is not ready for release. I'm working on the last chapter, but I still have edits to do. Give me a few days and I will post the new release date.

I'm hoping that after this weekend, I will be able to get myself back on target with my writing. I want to finish and release Surviving Ivy. I've got several outlines I need to complete and several stories I want to write and release this summer.

I bought a disc bound notebook and a hole punch a few weeks ago, put it on a shelf in my office, and completely forgot about it. I've watched several YouTube videos about the disc bound systems. I retrieved the notebook and started putting together an author's notebook. I've got a section for brain dumps/notes, a current project section (Surviving Ivy stuff is here), other projects (all the notes and partial outlines I need to work on), a file cabinet section for other ideas, and a calendar. I can pick up the notebook and go with it. With the hole punch, I can add stuff, move things around, etc. If I get brave enough and there is enough interest, I might do a video walk through.