Friday, April 7, 2017

Random Thoughts: Raising the Roof

I feel like our "apartment" is under siege. The powers that be decided it was time to replace the room on our unit. We barely got a 24-hour notice. I ended up having to take off early from the day job to help DH put up plastic to protect all of our stuff.  Our roof is flat. The ceiling is made up of boards that hold up the foam and plastic roofing material (it has a name, but I'm not sure what it is). So the plastic went up on the inside to contain as much of the dirt and other stuff that comes down when the roofing people remove all of the other stuff. And on top of that, they are replacing the rotten wood. The ground around the building is a mess too.

They've stayed the past two days until about 8:30 p.m., and it has been noisy. Hopefully Friday will be the last day, and then the fun begins.

We have to carefully take down the plastic and clean up. Without the plastic, the clean up would be worse. Every room has plastic on the ceiling, including the closets. My office is temporarily off limits until the plastic comes down and everything is put back into its place.

The kitties are not having a good time either. During the day, they've been hiding under my bed. They finally come out once I get home. Mommy will protect them from the monsters. Smokie, my gray tabby girl, is staying right with me as I write. She needs some attention and lots of pets.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last day for the roof work.