Sunday, November 13, 2016

Random Thoughts: Changes

This is the first year in almost a decade that I'm not watching the Christmas tree tent go up as I drive to the day job each morning. It feels really strange not seeing the sights I'm so used to seeing. But change is what happens when you move to another location. In my case, the move was to a whole new town. The new home we're renting is not my favorite place, and after almost three months, I'm still struggling to get my bearings, though it is getting better.
This November, my drive to work doesn't have any signs of the coming holidays like the tree lot was a sign for me. In fact, there is no tree lot of any kind on my route to the day job.

Even with all the changes, I feel like I'm more ready for the holidays this year than I have been in the past. I'm most definitely ready for some vacation time so I can relax and get some writing done.

I'm working on Bryant Station Curves, Book 7 which is Joy and Theo's story. I rewrote the outline several times before I started writing their story. And then I started writing. The beginning I had planned wasn't working, so I scrapped it and have started over. I also had to make changes in my outline, but I did the right thing.

I'm off to write.