Monday, September 5, 2016

Random Thoughts: Laptops, Moving, Writing, and More

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day holiday.

Wow! It's already September. The holiday season and cooler weather are looming in front of us. Going to the stores is an adventure, depending on which seasonal aisle you go down. Stuff for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are making an appearance. I've caught myself pinning stuff for Halloween and Christmas on Pinterest.

I'm so ready for cooler weather!!! I've had enough of the Texas heat.

Mac or PC???
That is my new question of the day.
My current laptop (PC), which is only seven months old, has to be sent in for repairs. I was told the problem is under warranty, but I will be without the laptop for at least two weeks. Not good. And then there's the worry that something else will go wrong with it, and I'll have to send it back for more repairs. Really not good.

I've used PCs all my life, but now, I'm wondering if a Mac would be better suited for my needs. Do I want to "bite the bullet" and move to a Mac or stay with PCs? At this point, I'm not sure what the right answer is.

Moving sucks!
I'm also in the middle of moving to my new, temporary home, and going through the last steps of selling the house. We finally got everything in to the new place. The norm seems to be constantly looking for stuff.

I know I have...

Where did I see that?

Where is the binder of notes I said to leave out?

I know I packed it in this box...or maybe it was the other box...or that box. (The boxes all look alike and even though my office boxes are labelled, every other box has to be moved to find them.)

The new place is like an old apartment. It's very basic and plain, but it is just a temporary stop in my journey. The kitties were not happy about moving from the only home they have known, but they are adjusting with lots of attention and cuddles.

The outline for Joy and Theo's story (book 7 in the Bryant Station Curves series) is written. Before I start writing their story, I need to go over the outline a couple more times. I had originally planned to have their story out sometime in October/November, but with the sell/moving, I have to bump the date to sometime in November/December. As soon as I get my schedule reset for the rest of this year, I will post dates here and on Facebook.