Friday, July 22, 2016

Random Thoughts: Flowers

Earlier this month, we bought a number of plants to create a splash of color on the front porch and in the back yard to make the yard more appealing. I honestly don't have much luck with plants.

They die.

I water them...they die.
I don't water them...they die.
I give them too much sun or not enough sun...they die.

I think you get the picture. I'm just not good with plants. So far, I've only lost one (it's not quite dead and have moved it to a new location, hoping it will survive). All the others are still living and producing flowers. I did pick plants that liked/needed lots of sun, low water, and/or native Texas plants.

One of the plants I picked was Lantana. When I was growing up, I saw this plant growing wild in our backyard and along the dirt roads. I never thought much about it, other than it was a pretty wildflower.

But I learned that Lantana attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, but it repels mosquitoes. Currently, our front porch is mosquito free and colorful.