Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random Thoughts

The last few weeks have been crazy busy (empty nest, putting house on market, sorting through everything and deciding what to keep and what to donate, recycle or trash, etc.). Because of this, my whole writing schedule was ripped to pieces and thrown to the four winds. I think one of the cats is actually playing with a piece of it right now. LOL!!

During this whole time, I've been working on the first book of a new series.
This series will tell the stories of Lucifer Fitch and his three brothers. Each story will be a stand-alone, but characters from other stories will come and go through each book.

The name Lucifer Fitch may sound familiar if you read GRACIE'S WOLF. Lucifer is the sheriff of Briary Creek.

My writing goal for July are:
  • finish Lucifer's story
  • create a master plan for the books I plan to write for the rest of this year and next year--2017, and
  • plot and outline all the stories for upcoming books,
Have a great summer!!!