Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Blitz: Fools Rush by Ciara Knight

Fools Rush 
by Ciara Knight
Publication date: April 15th 2015  Genres: Adult, Historical
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To avert an impending life of servitude, Bethany Cook seeks freedom on a wagon train bound for gold country. Disguised as a young boy she secures work as a travel companion with Thomas Nolan, a rich New Yorker who is on his own quest to distance himself from the nightmare of a fraudulent marriage.

A cross-country journey by Thomas’ side proves more difficult than Bethany anticipated when he becomes obsessed with her true identity—the golden haired beauty he shared one night of passion with. Bethany attempts to confess the truth, but a bounty hunter exposes her as a devious woman that lied to Thomas for months for her own evil gain. Her life and her heart now rest in the hands of Thomas, who must decide if he can forgive and marry her or leave her to the fate she’s brought upon herself.

Bethany Cook must earn her keep by cookin’ and providing companionship for Thomas Nolan, all while dressed as a man. On the trail, she soon discovers that resources are limited and the customs of cowboys are foreign to her.One of her everyday food items are biscuits. She thought she’d share a recipe with you all. You know, in case you ever have to dress as a man, cook for a hot guy, and all the time mind the ways of the cowboys.

Soda Biscuit recipe:

Take 1lb flour, and mix it with enough milk to make a stiff dough; dissolve 1tsp carbonate of soda in a little milk; add to dough with a teaspoon of salt. Work it well together and roll out thin; cut into round biscuits, and bake them in a moderate oven. The yolk of an egg is sometimes added.

Also, she thought she’d share a few things about proper manners, or lack thereof, while on the trail.

Chuckwagon Etiquette:
  1. The cook is named Cookie. 
  2. No one eats until Cookie calls.  
  3. Cowboys eat first, talk later. 
  4. Hungry cowboys wait for no man. They fill their plates, bellies, and then move on so stragglers can fill their plates 
  5. Eat with your fingers, the food’s clean. 
  6. Don't take the last serving unless you’re sure you're the last man. 
  7. Food left on the plate is an insult to the cook.  
  8. No running or saddling a horse near the wagon. And when you ride off,always ride down wind from the wagon.  
  9. If you come across any decent firewood, bring it back to the wagon.

I hope you’re ready for an adventure full of food, hot guys and dangerous times. Join Bethany and

Thomas for their cross-country adventure in Fools Rush!

Ciara Knight writes to 'Defy the Dark' with her young adult speculative fiction and sweet romance books. Her most recent international best-seller, Pendulum, scored 4 stars from
RT Book Reviews, accolades from InD’Tale Magazine and Night Owl Top Pick. Her young adult paranormal series, Battle for Souls, received 5 stars from Paranormal Romance Guild and Night Owl’s Top Pick, among other praises.
When not writing, she enjoys reading all types of fiction. Some great literary influences in her life include Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Francine Rivers and J K Rowling.
Her first love, besides her family, reading, and writing, is travel. She's backpacked through Europe, visited orphanages in China, and landed in a helicopter on a glacier in Alaska.
Ciara is extremely sociable and can be found at Facebook @ciaraknightwrites, Twitter @ciaratknight, Goodreads, Pinterest, and her website

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