Friday, February 20, 2015

Writer's Block: Coping Strategies

We said writer's block was defined as a writer not being able to write, and we also talked about some of the causes of writer's block.

Writer's block doesn't have to take over your life. There are coping strategies that can help you work your way through the cause of your writer's block.

Some of the strategies I have used are:

Brainstorming  --  Remember back to junior high when the teacher told you to write a topic in the center of a sheet of paper. Then, you were supposed to write down anything you could think of that was related to the topic. You drew lines from the new ideas back tot he topic in the center. Then, you made more connections to the subtopics, and kept doing this until you had a web of ideas. This "old fashion" webbing strategy is a good way to get your brain to thinking.

Create lists  --  I like making lists. The lists can be of anything, even the steps as to how to do something, or just a list of possible character names.

Group Discussions  --  Bouncing ideas off of others can get the creative juices flowing. You get a chance to see someone else's view of the subject you're working with, and possibly come up with new ideas.

Take a walk --  Sometimes it helps to get away from the computer or paper. A walk can help you clear the stuff out of your head, and refresh you body and mind.

Take a warm shower --  A warm or hot shower will help you relax and focus on your writing. I've used this strategy when I get stuck and can't figure out what direction I need to take.

Read a book --  Sometimes you just have to totally get away from your writing. What better way than to read a book? You can escape to other worlds and various incidents created by another writer. This allows your mind to relax which in turn will help you focus on your writing.

These are just a few strategies to help you cope with writer's block.