Friday, July 11, 2014

Just One Pet Peeve...Maybe

We all have pet peeves. Some are worse than others, but the pet peeves are there.

If you borrow my books, return them.

Over the years I have lost a lot of books because of people who borrowed them, but didn’t bother to return them. I’ve also spent a lot of money replacing the books. Why can’t people just return what they borrow?

This is just one reason why I like ebooks. It’s harder to loan them, especially when the borrower does not have an ereader, and I do not loan my Kindle to anyone.

Don’t destroy the books.

Yes, I can be rough on books. I have also been known to make notes in them especially when I can’t find a sticky note.  But there have been times someone has borrowed a book and returned it in pieces, even pages falling out.

Don’t make excuses if you lost my book. Just replace it.

I can’t find it.

I don’t know what happened to it.

I loaned it to my sister who was visiting from _____ (insert name of town/state).

This is the “What the !*?#$!” moment, and then I hear, “It was just a book.”

Yes, it was a book, but it was my book. I bought that book with my hard earned money.

Don’t take books I haven’t read yet.

I still buy a few paperbacks, though a whole lot less than I used to buy. I buy more ebooks. It’s much easier and faster. With a few clicks, I’m reading the book.

I hate when friends and family come over and grab books off my shelf without asking, especially when it’s a book I haven’t read. I’m funny about that. I have to read the book before I will loan it, and it’s not just because of my track record with people borrowing my books. It’s a new book and its mine.

Don’t take my books without my permission.

Yelp! It ties in with the previous, but this goes for any book I own.
They belong to me!

Ask before you touch.

It’s funny. People don’t have problems taking my books, but the same people would be upset if I went to their homes and took stuff from them without asking.