Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paranormal is Popular on Television

There are a lot of paranormal shows on television.

For awhile the shows were more nonfiction based with the occasional prime time fictional show making it for a season or two before it was cancelled.

Quite a few paranormal shows have come and gone. Usually the ones I like don't last very long. It's strange. Many of the shows were good, but for whatever reason the networks cancelled them. Ironically, the next season, the same networks would premiere a new paranormal show. What's with this?

I'm currently watching several fiction paranormal shows, or rather, I record and watch them in my free time. DH is not a fan of paranormal stuff, though occasionally he will watch.

The vampire, Dracula, is resurrected in the 19th century. He presents himself as an American entrepreneur to London society, but in reality, he is seeking revenge against the order that cursed him with immortality and killed his wife.

A modern day cop leans he is descended from a family who hunts and kills supernatural creatures, especially fairytale monsters. The creatures are terrified of the hunters which are known as Grimms. The twist is our hero only hunts the bad supernatural creatures and helps others which has led him to a new group of friends.

Sleepy Hollow
Who doesn't love Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
in the 21st century, the Headless Horseman has returned to Sleepy Hollow, and headless bodies are turning  up all over town. Ichabod Crane, who was put under a spell by Katrina, his beloved wife and witch, also awakens. His destiny is to stop the Headless Horseman and prevent the coming of the Four Horsemen who will bring about the destruction of the world.

Witches of East End
Based on the novel by Melissa de la Cruz, this show is about two sisters who learn they are really immortal witches, but they are doomed to die young and be reborn, which has happened many times over.

American Horror Story: Coven
I watched a couple episodes of the original American Horror Story, but didn't really care for it.Coven, on the other hand, I like. Basically, there is a group of girls who are witches, a powerful supreme witch who doesn't want to give up her powers and die, and a group of witch hunters that brings enemies together in a common fight against them.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Alice breaks out of a Victorian England asylum and goes back to the magical world of Wonderland to save the genie she loves.

I don't know much about this new show, other than what the trailer showed us. I'm recording the series but haven't had a chance to watch the first episode.

Some of the other paranormal shows include:
  • Lost Girl
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Vampire Diaries
  • The Walking Dead
  • The Originals

There are others I haven't listed, but like the few above, I, for different reasons, don't watch them.

I'm hoping to carve out some time so I can watch the first seasons of The Walking Dead. Maybe I'll be able to catch some of the others.