Friday, April 11, 2014

Five TV Shows I Want to Watch

For a lot of different reasons, I record television series I want to watch, but sometimes some slip through and I don't record them, or I have recorded them, but haven't watched them yet.  So, here are some of the series I want to watch.

Walking Dead
This is one of the series I totally forgot to record, so I never started watching it. The Child has watched all the seasons so far and has told me I have to watch them. As he grew up, we watched a lot of horror movies and the behind the scenes, making of the movie stuff. DH doesn't care for horror movies or shows.

I wanted to watch this series, but DH was watching something at the same time it on, and we didn't have a recorder. Again, the Child has watched the entire series and has told me I won't be disappointed with it.

Game of Thrones
I haven't read the books, and totally forgot about the series when it started. Several friends have strongly recommended it.

I've recorded the first season and have started recording this season. I just need to find a day to sit back and watch them.

Battlestar Galactica
As a child, I loved the original series. I started watching the new series, but stopped.