Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goals for 2014

Everyone is writing down his or her resolutions.
The ads on television are geared toward the resolutions of losing weight and getting fit in the new year. (In January, the gyms are full of people, but by March, the gyms are not so full.)

Several years ago, I quit making resolutions, because I never kept them. Things started out great, but after a few weeks, I lapsed back into my old habits. I couldn't keep my resolutions.

I started thinking about the whole process, and I realized something. I really hate the word resolutions. It sounds like it is something that is meant to be broken. So I decided to quit making resolutions.

Now, I make a list of goals.

My 2014 GOALS
  • Writing Goals
    • Start a new series.
    • Outline books 5-8 of the Bryant Curves series.
    • Write 4 to 5 books.
    • Start blogging more.
  • Health Goals
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
    • Cook more chicken and fish.
    • Go back to the gym.
  • Other Goals
    • Start doing cross stitch and embroidery again.
    • Take more pictures.
    • Take a vacation.
    • Decorate for the holidays.