Friday, January 31, 2014

Gift Ideas for Your Writer

Sometimes buying gifts is just down right hard!
Here are just a few ideas for gifts for the writer in your life.

  1. Ceramic coffee mugs...I love ceramic coffee mugs. My oldest one, that I'm still using and guarding is my Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. DH got it for me back when the first movie came out. My oldest coffee mug is my Star Trek mug. But it has a crack and can't hold liquids. Now its on my desk as a pen holder.
  2. Gift Cards...Some people don't like to give or get gift cards. I love them.
    • coffee shop...Who doesn't love getting her favorite coffee at the local coffee house?
    • books...I don't get very many gift cards for books. DH will hand me his card and tell me to get what books I want. Think about it. Even twenty dollars can buy several ebooks.
    • food...This is always good, especially for writers.
    • office supplies...I think this is an occupational hazard for writers. I love the different colored pens, sticky notes, notebooks, etc.
  3. Cool Pens...I love the different styles and ink colors. I use them for editing and  for writing. (Sometimes I write in a notebook instead of on the computer).