Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reading and Writing

I love reading and I was reading at a very early age. By second grade I was reading stuff like Black Beauty, The Call of the Wild and Treasure Island. By junior high, I had already devoured most of the classics like Dracula and The Count of Monte Cristo.

It seemed like I've always known how to read. I can only attribute my reading abilities to the fact my mom read to me from a very early age on.

I remember having to do a book report my freshman year in high school. The reason I remember this is because the teacher told me I couldn't do the report on the book I had checked out of the library. It had to due with the book being too confusing, too long, and I wouldn't finish it in time. She finally gave up trying to convince me to pick another book.  I finished the book and went on to give a report on how different the book was from the movie version of it, which I loved. The book was Gone With the Wind.

I don't just read, I devour the written word--books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

As passionate as I am about reading, I'm even more so about writing.

All the words I've absorbed over the years are now the blood flowing through my veins. My heart has to beat and I have to write.

It may be as simple as a list or a haiku, or a short story, or a synopsis. I have to write.

I breathe. I read. I write.

If you were to cut me, I would bleed words. Maybe one day I'll be able to make a living off of the stories I've created with the words floating through my body.