Friday, August 16, 2013

A Perfect Writing Space

It happened!

Last night DH kicked out of my office, again.

This happens on a regular basis. I like writing late at night and DH wants to sleep. Yeah, my “office” is in the bedroom or rather, I have a desk in the bedroom. It is not the ideal situation, but most of the time it works. When I am kicked out of the bedroom, I grab my laptop, pens, and notepads and head to the living room or the kitchen table.  I have learned to be flexible.

I dream of one day moving into a home that has the perfect writing space, but what is the perfect writing space? The answer to that depends on the writer and his or her needs and wishes.

My perfect writing space would have:

  • ·         Lots of natural light,
  • ·         A beautiful view (lots of trees, or a lake, or the ocean),
  • ·         A downstairs room,
  • ·         Walls painted in bold gem colors (no neutral tones)
  • ·         Bookshelves,
  • ·         Lots of storage,
  • ·         Huge desk,
  • ·         Comfortable desk chair,
  • ·         Tack boards and white boards,
  • ·         An overstuffed chair in the corner, and
  • ·         French doors.

The last item, French doors, probably sounds strange, but I have learned over the years DH cannot stand it when I close the door, even though he knows I am writing or working on writing stuff. Even if we are doing our own things, he wants me close by. It’s sweet and endearing, but sometimes tough. No, we are not newlyweds. We have been married for a long time and are best friends too. 

This could be the reason he hasn't helped me with any of the stuff in the spare bedroom that is supposed to be my office. Hmmm!!!

Will I ever get my dream office, I do not know, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.