Saturday, May 25, 2013

Superstitions are everywhere

If your nose itches, someone is coming to see you.

I can remember my mother saying this on many occasions, along with other superstitions that were handed down to her from my grandmother and so on. But what are superstitions?

Superstitions are widely held beliefs in a supernatural intervention of sorts that cause certain outcomes to the things people do. Let's face it. Humans are superstitious and misfortunes breed superstitions. We humans are often very desperate to find a reason for our misfortunes or bad luck. By being superstitious, we can hid our mistakes and in turn blame them on luck because it was luck, not the choices we made, that caused the misfortune.

Here are some of the superstitions I grew up hearing.
  • If a black cat crosses your path, it will bring you bad luck.
  • Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck.
  • Walking under a ladder brings you bad luck.
  • Breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck.
  • A four-leaf clover is a sign of good luck for the whole year.
  • Horseshoes hung over the house doors will bring good luck if the points are up.
  • An owl hooting during the day in front of your house means a death in the family or extended family.
  • If your right hand itches, you will get some money.
  •  If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake in one blow, your wish will come true.
  • A rabbit's foot brings good luck.
  • Wishes on shooting stars will come true.
  • Putting salt on the doorstep will keep evil spirits out.